I have just three things to teach-

simplicity, patience, compassion.

– Lao Tzu

All Hand in Hand Projects stand for an Ecologically Meaningful Living.

With green ideas for a healthy future, the following was achieved:

  • The extension of the Balashram gardens

At Balashram, nature and the environment has a high importance. From first grade to fifth grade, specific times are set aside to promote environmental and nature awareness among the children. Students discuss environmental issues and their social implications, in class or at outdoor gatherings. In hands-on lessons, they learn how to care for seedlings, herbs, and other plants. To do this, each class is assigned a specific piece of field or garden where the children grow and care for various plants. 

  • The construction of a farm building in Balashram for the supply of dairy products and the preservation of the Indian humped cattle (Zebu).

In the cowshed, 200 cows and calves are accommodated, which provide sufficient amount of milk to feed the children in Hariharananda Balashram.

  • The construction of a Biogas Plant which covers 80% of Balashram‘s fuel needs

Biogas Plant is fueled by the cow dung from 200 cows. Before the Biogas Plant was installed, the cooking was done daily for 600 people with the fire wood.

  • The construction of solar panels, which currently saving 50% of Balashram‘s electricity costs


  • The construction of the Sewage Treatment Plant in Balashram. A Sewage Plant has been installed where sewage water and wash water from the school campus and the boys’ quarters, can be treated. The water can be used in the grass fields, which then become food for the cows. The wash water from the cow shed is added to the liquid manure, to feed the Biogas Plant.


  • Residential Balashram School
  • Chrysalis
  • Tutoring Center in Arua
  • Hariharananda Shikshashram


Health Projects include:

  • Charitable Health Centers
  • Mobile Medical and Dental Units
  • Medical Camps

Disaster Relief

Hand in Hand Organizations worldwide are ready and able to provide relief and emergency supplies at the time of natural calamities or other emergency situations.