Our Team

and Supporters

The greatest happiness in the world –

is to make others happy.

– Luther Burbank

Who We Are…

We believe in the power of helping, in simplicity and in continuous learning.
We believe more in working together – hand in hand – to be successful, rather than exclusively aiming for our own goals. We want to approach others humbly, openly and kindly – knowing that our diversity is also our strength. We welcome the opportunity to constantly improve ourselves. And we want to recognise that our joyful, persistent efforts also lead to success.

We simply love what we do!

How We Work…

Our projects are life-enriching in the highest sense. Our visions are big and
achievable with small steps. Although we think on a global scale, we work locally. We try to do things today because we know
that tomorrow there are already new tasks ahead. We are convinced of what we are doing,
and we try to convey the joy of this work to others.

Hand in Hand…

Our Team

Peter van Breukelen


Dr. Brigitte Essinger


Ursula Schmidtke


Annemarie Ackerl


Wolfgang Lang

Deputy Treasurer and
Donations in wills 

Kriemhild Leitner

Deputy Director

Dirk Denzer

Corporate Fundraising and Events

Mette Koivusalo

Communication and

Elfriede Schäffler


Hannu Koivusalo

Corporate Fundraising and

Susanne Walker

Communication and Fundraising

Anna Konchenkova

IT Support

Partners and Supporters

Healthessence – Wholesome Living

A holistic approach to living that offers support for the improvement of Health and Wellbeing, by utilizing a wide range of auxiliary, natural modalities and techniques.

Silke Weiß is a versatile artist with a very special feel for colours and moods. And with this talent, she also supports the humanitarian aid of HAND IN HAND. Her art and creativity lovingly combine different cultures and give HAND IN HAND a touch of mysticism. Learn more about Silke Weiß following the link.

For more than 30 years, Dirk Denzer has successfully designed, staged and produced sophisticated shows and events; cultural events as well as national and international corporate events or private parties and celebrations. As a presenter, juggler, musician and entertainer, the renowned, variety artist is also regularly on stage himself, at the same time as supporting HAND IN HAND. Through him, visitors can learn more about our Humanitarian Aid Organisation and its projects in India. Get more information about Dirk’s activities here.

INTO Giving is the philanthropic arm of INTO University Partnerships, supporting girls’ education worldwide.

Sigard Ernst is a dedicated and talented graphic designer, as well as brand upholder for HAND IN HAND. She gives visual radiance to the projects and the message of HAND IN HAND.

Clarion Search is an international headhunting company specialised in commodity trading. They have worldwide coverage in their field via their offices in Switzerland, London and Singapore.

World4You is the company that has been reliably and securely implementing our digital requirements for years.