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Cyclones, drought, famine...

...Floods: People in many parts of the world battle these disasters. We have chosen to concentrate our help on the underdeveloped, rural regions in Odisha, India.

Following a destructive cyclone and floods both in 1999 and 2001, "Hand in Hand" financed the construction of 20 houses in the coastal region of Odisha. In 2007, a major flood raised multiple villages in Kendrapara and "Hand in Hand" supported financially, the re-erection of schools and houses, and supplied the local farmers with seeds, plants, fertilizer and tools. Our health camps also gave aid on the spot.

This very vulnerable region was haunted by floods again in 2009, 2013, 2014 and 2017. Once more we were there to help with our facilities.

In 2012, raging fire destroyed many houses in four villages in the district of Kendrapara. We gave immediate aid by supplying tents, clothing and food. "Hand in Hand" also sponsored the rebuilding effort in one of the villages.

The region of Odisha, in our experience, is expected to be hit by natural disasters again and again; When help is needed, we will be there.

That is why we need your contribution and support!

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