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From a pupa to a butterfly:

“Chrysalis” accompanies graduates of the “Hand in Hand”- Balashram School in their flight into life after their schooling.

At the Balashram Residential School, students acquire knowledge and skills needed for their adult life.  At the end of their twelve year- schooling, each student receives guidance and support to create a personalized plan for the future, and set the course for a profession or further studies.

Additional teaching units prepare the final year class for the board examination - a central and final end of school examination carried out nationwide, and which is compulsory for admission at schools and universities for further education. Alongside, the young students are offered courses to acquire knowledge and skills for creative, technical/manual professions.  Very often the school leavers are orphans without a family to support them once they complete their education at the Residential School. The “Chrysalis” project’s aim is to guarantee further, continuous support for these young people.

“Chrysalis” stems from the Greek word “chrysos“, meaning “gold“, and refers to the golden pupa which will transform into a butterfly. In the same way, the youngsters shall be escorted on their “flight” into life. For this purpose, a database has been created to help pupils find suitable, educational institutions. A brochure on fundraising, offers ways of identifying possible sources of monetary support. The aim is to identify target groups in India who could financially support these young people in their further education. For those who do not wish to continue their studies, links and connections with companies are sought and established, in order to find suitable apprenticeship placements. Furthermore, it is important to find suitable accommodation not too far from their place of work or study.  Some local mentors are guiding and supporting the youngsters.

“Chrysalis” does not leave these young people on their own. Thank you for not leaving them alone either


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